Pom Pom Baby Pram Blanket

Pom Pom Baby Pram Blanket

Here is my first post 🙂

I was asked to make a pom pom blanket for my sister in laws baby after doing research on youtube and pinterest i found what i needed to know and the supplies i needed. All i needed was wood, nails and wool quite simple really. I got a frame made which was approx 19 x 22 inches with 17 nails 1 inch apart across and 20 nails 1 inch apart going down. This was my frame made all i needed was 6x double knit balls of wool i choose 3x white and 3x pink shimmer from my local boyes store.


So this is what my frame looks like.

Now to start making the actual blanket.

Start by weaving wool around the nails until you have multiple strands together. I use three balls of wool at one time and wrap it around until i have 15 strands together for the base. Repeat this for the top, you may want to weave it more for the top as i found 15 strands does not make a full enough pom pom for me (depends on the look you are going for).


Then i tied them all together by doubling up the wool as it tends to break when using a single strand. As it needs to be super tight at this part as it will keep the blanket together when making the pom pom. Once all is finished double check that they are all tied together by looking at the base of the blanket when turning over the frame. As once you start to cut and they are not tied properly it will juts fall apart.



After all corners are tied together its time for the fun part,to get cutting away. You only need to cut the top strands as they will form the pom pom’s and the bottom colour will keep the structure for the base of the blanket.



Then you simply cut the wool between the nails and remove it pff the frame 🙂


So here is the blanket after a lovely two days i have finished it and it was so fun to make:) thanks to the tutorials on youtube and some research it was very easy to make.

This did hurt my hands a lot to where they are now plastered up but was well worth it. this one is for my daughters dolls pram and made a perfect excuse to practice at it and make her a little something extra for christmas.


Thank you for reading 🙂

hope you enjoy feel free to message me about these blankets as they will be for sale 🙂



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