Birthday present 

What to buy people for their birthday when it falls in December! When money is tight and ideas are far and few between. 

Here is two cheap and quick presents to make.

This year was particularly hard as I had no clue what to buy so I thought I’d make some stuff and see how it went. after gaining a lot of ideas on Pinterest I decided to make a spa in a jar and a personalised photo calendar. 2 simple, quick and easy to do gifts that look great! 

Here is the link I found for the Spa in a jar

I made up some bath salts, candles from a kit I brought, sugar hand scrub, lip balm and added some nail clippers, nail file and hand lotion. Simply print off some labels and put it all in a big mason Jar and it’s done! This took me about a day to make all of it not bad eh? 

Next present was a personalised Calendar. This I had to find and print photos of all the family to go in so was a little more tedious re sizing all the photos to find some didn’t size properly. Once I had a front cover and all 12 pictures I was done and I just simply had to cut it all out and stick t together. I simply printed out at home with a front cover and use a document binder (I had one at home) or you can pay someone to do it. This took about half a day or so and to do! 

One December birthday successfully done! 

 Hope you enjoy 
Much love x


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