Candle making 

Handmade candles 

These are so easy to make and don’t require much work or time. I brought a kirstie allsopp vovtive candle making kit from hobby craft! 

This included everything you need to make the candles including easy to follow instructions.

Also get mounds with the kit!

I brought more essential oils so I could experiment instead of just using vanilla which the kit contained. I simply used an old pan and a cheap glass jug (remembering the jug cannot be reused for food use.) 

Adding some water and slowly heating it up on the stove I then put the beeswax and paraffin wax in with some essential oil. I then stirred it until it all melted making sure my water did not boil! 
Following the rest of the instructions I finished off and had two candles done in less than 10 minutes! 

With candles you can experiment as much as you like with the smells and even colour. It’s super fun to do and so easy! Remembering that you need candle essential oil and dye instead aromatherapy version. 
Thanks for reading



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